The artist and her artwork in the public eye.

First Major Museum Exhibition in the U.S.A.

Matter Makes Space, Polk Museum of Art, December 19, 2015 – March 27, 2016. Click to visit the museum's exhibition page.

Matter Makes Space Lecture: Polk Museum of Art

January 8, 2016. Through her art and words, Michiko Fujii Fowler proposes ways to see with fresh eyes. Click to view her lecture on Vimeo.

Illuminating the Artist's Craft and Life: The Ledger

Illuminating the Artist's Craft and Life: Curator Adam Justice

Masterpieces Exhibition at the Saku Museum of Modern Art

30th Anniversary Collection Masterpieces exhibition catalog, Saku Museum of Modern Art, Nagano, Japan, 2014. Left: catalog cover. Right: Michiko Fujii Fowler's Painting on a Wall, Painting on a Wall, pictured with Yayoi Kusama's 5 Porcelain Pumpkins.

In 2014, the Saku Museum of Modern Art (Nagano, Japan) celebrated its 30th anniversary with an exhibition of selected masterpieces from its permanent collection. Highlighting art from three historical periods, 1868–1945, 1945–1989, and 1989–2013, the museum selected Michiko Fujii Fowler's work for the latter grouping.


Click here to visit the Masterpieces exhibition website (Japanese language).

Click here to visit the Saku Museum of Modern Art homepage (Japanese language).

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