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The shirt was dyed color of the day. The shape of me was left on it slightly.

Paints cover a canvas. A canvas covers a frame. Paintings are like a painter's clothes and cosmetics.

Do I look not charming or too simple? Look closer. Not everything is what it seems.

If a canvas is depicted, is the painting inside or outside?

I like to paint pictures not only to depict a motif, but also as a way of seeing. Painting is made with material, and I use paint to connect the physical world and the imaginative world. 

I see truth in unifying depiction and materials.

When I was depicting a frame, I felt the outside of the frame to be strong. So I thought, "It's not necessary for the painting to be rectangular."

I like to paint on this texture. To open crumpled paper, I feel the pattern explodes space into infinity.

The box reaches forever space. The near side and the far side are on the same plane.

From the canvas as the ground zero, fiction and reality grow to compete for the space, and its narrow equilibrium becomes illusion.

Painting is like a window I would like to reach inside. 

© 2020 by Michiko Fujii Fowler. 

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